Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow...WHEN Will It End?

Well, I guess I have a lot to say today...for starters, sorry I didn't blog last night...It was an interesting evening to say the least!  Yesterday, they were calling for 1-3 inches of snow in Nashville.  Said snow, was supposed to make its way to the Middle Tennessee area sometime around 3:00 pm.  I'll be honest, we've had SO MUCH snow this year that I really didn't think anything about it.  However, at 3:00 (just like clockwork), the snow started...and when it started, it came fast.  Within a period of about 10 minutes, the entire parking lot at work was covered.  About that time, we all started getting phone calls about how bad the roads were getting and that if we were going home, then we needed to leave now!  So, I packed up all my stuff to work from home that night, and I got in my car to head the 20 minute drive to my house. 

Fast forward 3 and a half hours and I finally turn off the main road to take the back roads to my house.  My first thought was pure relief...I am almost home, and there's FINALLYno traffic!  Then I see that traffic is stopped up ahead and there is someone telling everyone to turn around.  Apparently, there was a wreck up ahead and the road was blocked...SO, that meant I had to go a different way and head back to the main road (yep, the one with all the traffic).  As I was heading back to the main road, I decided I better call Patrick because not only was I afraid I would get stuck and possibly need his 4 wheel drive vehicle to come rescue me, but the battery in my phone was dying, and quite frankly, I was freaking out! 

We decided that he was going to go ahead and head towards my direction and we would meet at a gas station about half way between his house and where I was.  I quickly ended the call and told him I should be there in about 20 minutes.  Next thing you know, 20 minutes turned into an hour, and I wasn't anywhere close to this magic gas station.  I debated for awhile if I should ask someone in the vehicle next to me if I could borrow their cell phone to call Patrick, and all of a sudden I see this person crossing the street and I'm wondering why he is staring into my car smiling.  All of a sudden, I can tell that it's Patrick!  He had walked about an hour to find me because he was getting worried that I wasn't showing up.  He said that he wasn't really sure where I was, and in his words, "I was just looking for a black Honda with a blonde in it, and I found it."  =)  Anyway, he tells me that traffic was so backed up that if I stay in the car that I will be sitting there for at least another hour.  Therefore, we decide to leave my car at an apartment complex parking lot and walk back to his car.  Finally, at 10:00 last night (6 hours and 15 minutes after I left work), I walked into Patrick's house (there was no way on earth we could possibly get to my house which happens to be on a hill). 

Talk about a stressful night!  I was more than happy for it to be over...although I became stressed again this morning when the roads were still pretty bad and all the work that I brought home was still in my car.  Fortunately, we ventured out mid-morning and was able to get my car, and I was able to work from home this afternoon. 

Granted, I was definitely NOT the only person in Nashville who had these problems...all night long on Facebook there was comment after comment about people who had super long commutes.  There was even 2 ladies I work with who had to spend the night in the lobby of the local Hampton Inn.  Sooooo glad I didn't have those kinds of problems! 


Morgan said...

I heard about everyone being stuck in traffic for so long.

On another note: it was -27 in my hometown in Oklahoma yesterday. Like legit temp. No wind chill factored in. AND we had 21 inches of snow on top of the 15 we got last week. Oklahoma weather is go big or go home. ha

Christina said...

Wow that's crazy! I have a friend that lives in Nashville and she said the city basically shuts down when it snows. Glad you were alright in the bad weather!