Friday, May 11, 2012

Wedding Update!

It seems as though it's been forever since I updated the blog world on our wedding plans, but trust's not at all because we haven't been fact, we've been SOOOOOOO busy that I haven't had time to type about it.'s a quick update on where everything stands!

1.  Officiant -- Yes, this is a very important part of a wedding...however, Patrick and I wanted to make sure we made the right decision regarding who would pronounce us man and wife.  We knew we wanted a Christian ceremony.  Therefore, we both decided on the minister at the church we go to, St. Ann's Episcopal Church.  Father Rick has such an outgoing personality and I think he's going to do a great job!  We begin pre-marital counseling in a couple of weeks, so wish us luck.  =)
2.  Honeymoon -- Oh, my!  I can't WAIT for our honeymoon!  We had originally thought we would just take a really quick weekend trip after the wedding and go on a bigger trip toward the end of 2012.  However, we finally decided that we might as well just go for it and do it immediately after the wedding!  For our honeymoon we will be visiting all of the following places:


We have always said that we wanted to go to Paris on our honeymoon, so we just figured that while we were over there we might as well just go all out!  I'm JUST as excited about London as I am Paris, and I've heard wonderful things about Amsterdam, too, so I can't wait!

3.  The Guys Tuxes -- We got this little detail wrapped up early this week, and I can't wait to see how nice the guys look (especially my beau) in their Men's Warehouse tux!  There is nothing better than a classic black tux and that's exactly what we went with...Can't wait to see how it all looks!
No, this isn't the tux they are wearing...but just like the wedding dress, I have to keep some things a secret!
4.  Mother of the Bride Dress -- Oh, how fun it was to look at dresses with my mom...almost as much fun as picking out a wedding dress...We looked at several places around Nashville, but like mother, like daughter, she ended up going with a dress made by Olia Zavozina, the same designer who made MY dress! And, man does she look GREAT in it!  I can't wait until we go back to be fitted on the same day!  So fun!
The lovely Olia Zavozina!
5.  Wedding Veil -- Speaking of Olia...while I was there with my mom, I finally picked out a wedding veil!  I knew exactly what I wanted, and I've had a hard time finding it...once they let me try on my dress (or one just like it) with this veil, I instantly knew it was THE ONE!

6.  Shoes -- Because I'm not a HUGE shoe person, and because I know my shoes won't really even be seen except in pictures and during the garter toss, I didn't really want to spend a TON of money...Hello DSW!  I've never been a big fan of their regular shoes, but I found my wedding dress shoes almost immediately!  They have a great selection of wedding shoes online for a great price!

7.  Flower Girl Dresses -- This is something else I had a hard time deciding, during the weekend of my mom's MOB dress shopping, we were out at The White Room and I found the perfect dress, for a very reasonable price!  I can't wait to see how cute the girls look on my wedding day!

Well, I think that's the official update!  We still seem to have sooooo many little things left to do, but I know that we'll get it all knocked off the list in no time!  I can't wait to become Patrick's wife and I really hope we can pull it all together in time to sit back and enjoy!  =)

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