Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthdays Don't Work With Diets

Thirty-two years old!!!!!  I can hardly believe it!  I don't FEEL 32!!!!!  Except, how is 32 supposed to feel?  Because I always thought it would feel old.  But apparently, I don' fact, I feel way younger now than I did 5 years ago.  Afterall, I eat healthier, I exercise more, I take better care of myself both mentally and physically, and I am simply happier!

This has been another wonderful birthday.  I received cards, phone calls, texts, Facebook messages and comments, a pound cake from one of the sweet girls at work, gifts from family and friends, dinner from my sweet, sweet fiance, and a big hug from Sweet Zoey.  I can't help but sit back this evening and reflect on how much God has blessed me in life!

No, life isn't always easy...especially when you have to cut a $1,000 check to get your car fixed on your birthday (yep, this was me); however, the good most definitely out ways the bad, and I am so happy that not only am I living a good life at 32, but it's all about to get a whole lot better!  Yes, 32 is going to be a great year!

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Anna Catherine said...

I'm looking so forward to sharing in all the exciting events year 32 has in store. I'm so blessed by your friendship! Love you much!