Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!  Hope you all are having a wonderful week!  Despite a few pesky little inconveniences, I'm just fact, here's what I'm loving on this magnificent day:

1.  Antibiotics -- Yes, you guessed right...I'm under the weather with a sinus infection...AGAIN!!!!!  This is my third one in less than 6 months!  I have no idea what is going on or what is in the air, but I am determined to figure out the source of this and try to get healthy once and for the meantime, thank goodness for Z-Packs!  Nothing cures the sniffles better!
2.  My new camera!  Thank you tax refund check for providing me with this fancy new DSLR camera.  I chose the Canon EOS Rebel T2i and so far, I love it!  I also bought it at the perfect time since I have so many wedding festivities and a fabulous honeymoon coming up...more on that later though!
3.  Birthday Weekends!  And that weekend is coming up for me!  Not only has my beau planned a Birthday dinner with some of my close friends on Saturday night, but he, Zoey, and I are having a picnic in the park on Sunday, and we are enjoying a dinner just the 2 of us on Monday, my actual day of birth!  I know that as you get older birthdays don't mean as much, but I can't help but continue to be so flippin' excited about mine the closer it gets!
4.  My sweet, sweet Mama!  So, this is probably the first Mother's Day of my entire life that I won't be in Knoxville to wish my wonderful mother a Happy Mother's Day in person...I sad...however, I know that she knows that I don't think they get any better than her...she's one in a million and I'm the luckiest daughter on the planet...well, my sister and I are the luckiest daughters on the planet!  =)
Me with all the wonderful women in my family:  Laura, my mom, and my aunt Carole!
5.  And sweet beau and my sweet Zo!  I'm always loving these 2!

What in your life are you loving?  Head over to This Kind of Love and tell us!

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