Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Yes, I realize it's technically not even Wednesday in some sections of the US, but I still have an hour left of this day in Nashville, so I decided to take this opportunity to tell you what I'm loving today:

1.  I'm loving Valentine's Day!  Despite the fact that I had a minor hot water heater emergency yesterday, I still had a wonderful evening with my beau!  Not only did he make a DELICIOUS dinner, but he also bought me flowers, chocolates, an Amazon gift card, and a wireless keyboard for my was a good day indeed...

My beautiful flowers!

Our table set-up
The menu for the evening!
2.  Knitting Club!  A group of ladies that I work with have started a knitting club during lunch, and it is a wonderful break in the middle of the day!  I am so fortunate to work with some wonderful women, and we have a great relaxing time every other Wednesday!
3.  My Mama and the fact that she's coming to Nash-Vegas this weekend!  I am so excited to see her and hang out with her, and it's just icing on the cake that she's cleaning my condo while she's here. =)
4.  And finally, I'm always loving these 2:
Zoey's getting to be such a big girl!

I hope you have as much to love on this Wednesday as I do.  =)

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