Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Good morning bloggy friends!  I hope you all are having an excellent Wednesday!  Here are a few things that I am loving on this rainy Nashville Wednesday:

1.  That I am finally feeling like myself again!  I was a little under the weather earlier in the week (which explains my absense, of course...don't worry, I'll catch up tomorrow with my typical Weekend Update).  It seems that every tax season something crazy happens, and this year it was the stomach bug!  Let's just hope I got it out of the way early and that the rest of the busy season will be smooth sailing!
2.  That Sweet Zoey celebrates her 1st Birthday this weekend...well, it's really on Monday, but we are observing it over the weekend!  We plan on showering our favorite doggy with all kinds of her favorite things...a trip to the dog park, some special treats, and even a few new toys!  I bet I'm more excited than she is...actually, since she's a DOG and doesn't even realize she has a birthday, I'm sure of it...that's okay though...she's a special girl and deserves the special treatment!
3.  The weather here in Nashville right now!  Yesterday, the temperature was in the high January!!!!!  I love it!  I just hope it doesn't turn cold again, but as long as it isn't snowing, I'm A.O.K!
4.  That so far, tax season is off to a pretty stressfree start!  I'm waiting on the bottom to fall out, and I'm sure it will happen and things will get extremely busy, but right now, I'm just trying to enjoy the calm...sure, I'm busy, and yes, I'm definitely working a lot, but right now, things are moving and I'm getting stuff marked off my list...always a plus!  Let's keep our fingers crossed that it stays this way!
Ha!  I totally want this t-shirt!
5.  And finally, I'm loving this guy:
With me being super busy with work already, he has stepped up in the doggy department and makes sure Sweet Zoey is taken care of.  He also is super sweet and supportive of me when I'm busy at work!  I'm a super lucky girl!

What are you loving today?  Tell us over at This Kind of Love!

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Caroline said...

Glad you feel better. I've been sick all week. :( Happy 1st bday to Zoey!