Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: Day 1 -- Your View Today

So, since everyone in the blogging community is participating in this fun February challenge, and since I suffer from FMS (Fear of Missing Something), I have decided to attempt to do this little challenge myself.  (Let's be honest though...the likelihood of me actually taking 29 pictures this month is probably slim to none...I've already messed up my Project 365 that I think I'm giving up).  Anywho, since I usually do blog posts in the mornings, I think I will post this a day other words, THIS is my picture for February 1 -- my view today:
Yep, there it lovely view on this boring, boring February least I have a picture of my beau to look at as I'm working!  And, yes, I have 3 computer of the perks of this job...and again, yes, my mouse pad does say "FICA THIS."  It was a gift from a client, and I love it!

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njscrapdiva said...

hi. i love all of the different "views" that everyone is posting. such a fun photo prompt! look forward to seeing your other pics!