Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Update and Photo Catch Up!

Do you ever have those weekends that you don't think will be very nice because the weather is supposed to terrible and you have it too jam packed with stuff to do?  Well, this is what I THOUGHT this weekend would look like...however, it ended up being very nice!

Friday night, I drove down to Cool Springs after work and met Laurie, our photographer, for a girls' night dinner at Swanky's.  Have you eaten here?  It is amazing!  At least I think so...and I'm pretty picky about my Mexican food, so that's saying a lot!  You should definitely check it out sometime soon!  It was so fun to hang out with Laurie!  She's so fun and sweet!  Hopefully, we get to see each other soon!

On Saturday, I was up early and headed into work.  After putting in a half day, I headed to the Dog Park to get the Zoey Birthday Celebration started.  We spent quite a bit of time at the dog park and Zoey had a wonderful time...we could tell by how muddy she was when we got home...needless to say, she got a bath on Saturday night!  =)

After we wore Zoey out, we decided to head over to Elmington Park to the Wunderland Food Truck event.  By the time we got there, things had slowed down a lot, but we still were able to grab a quick late afternoon snack.  Next up, we headed home to continue Zoey's Birthday.  Not only did her Mommy get her Birthday gifts, she also got a party hat and a birthday cake (aka a McDonald's Ice Cream) with a #1 candle in the middle.  Here are a couple of pics:
Happy Birthday Zoey!

Best Birthday Cake a Dog could ask for!

I think she likes it!

One last photo opp!
We also got a really cute video of Zoey as I opened her gifts for her, but the internet is being kind of slow tonight, so maybe I can upload it tomorrow for all to see!

That evening we decided to go out for a casual dinner.  Patrick had read about Siam Cafe, a Thai restaurant near our houses.  We thought we'd give it a try and we were not disappointed!  The food was delicious...and the service was great, too!  After a yummy dinner, we headed back home and watched I Don't Know How She Does It with one of my favorites, Sarah Jessica Parker.  It was really cute, although I'm not sure how much Patrick liked it.  He was a good sport though.  =)

After sleeping in on Sunday, I headed to the Bridal show with Alysia.  It was fun to hang out with her for the afternoon, and I was able to get some information at the show, but IT WAS SOOOOOO crowded!  We still had a great time!

Last night, we headed over the Adam and Alacia's to watch the game, and what a great game it was!  I love the Mannings, so I was so glad to see Eli's team win!

Well, that was it for my weekend...what about you?  Did you have a good one?

Oh, and before I leave, let me take a minute to catch up on my Photo a Day Challenge pics:
Day 3:  Hands -- My hand with my favorite piece of jewelry! 
Day 4:  A Stranger -- At the Dog Park

Day 5:  10 am -- Relaxing in bed with coffee and my iPad!
Day 6:  Dinner -- Nothing beats a Smart Ones (I hope you sense my sarcasm)!

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