Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week in Review

No, I don't always do a "Week in Review" post, but this was one fun week, so I thought I'd share the highlights.  The first exciting event of the week was the trip Patrick and I made with my work friend, Leslie and her husband Shawn to this place:

They had a 21 and up event and we decided to check it out.  We had a blast!  Here are a few pics from the evening:

Leslie and I before riding the space machine
Me hanging out with the dinosaurs.

Watch looks like Patrick is drinking and driving.  =)
Another fun happening of the week (that I mentioned in this blog), is seeing the movie Ramona and Beezus with my mom!  Again, we both loved the movie, and had a FANTASTIC time!  It was so fun to hang out with her one last time before she heads back to work in a couple of weeks.

Friday night, I got in some girl time with this chica:

Alysia and I first became friends when we worked together a few years ago, but even though we don't see each other on a daily basis anymore, we still have a FANTABULOUS good time when we do hang out!  On this particular evening, we decided we both needed pedicures, and we grabbed dinner while we were at it.

Saturday afternoon/evening was one of the biggest events of the year for my group of friends...the annual Music City Brewer's Festival!!!  Now I know you are probably scratching your heads right now because in this post I explained that I'm not much of a beer drinker.  However, this event is SO MUCH FUN!  SO many of my friends attend, and even though I don't like beer, I still have a BLAST!  Plus, they MAY have a Woodchuck Cider tent, and I MAY have been such a regular at that tent that they recognized me by the end of the night.  =)  Although the night ended with a rainstorm, it was still a great time!  Here are a few pics:

Me with some Junior Chamber friends at a Brewer's Festival Pre-Party (Happy Birthday Jessica!)
Drinking my first taste of Cider
So fun to have all my girls together!
Patrick and I at the beginning of the evening...
...and Patrick and I after the rain.  =)
This wonderful week was wrapped up with a kickball game on Sunday afternoon that went into 2 extra innings because of a tie, and Kick This managed to come away with a win!!!!!  WOOHOO!  What a fantastic week!


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