Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

This Thursday I am thankful for...


Any of you who knew me 4 years ago would find the fact that I am thankful for a 4 legged creature known as a dog SHOCKING!!!!!  However, that was before this wonderful dog showed up on my parents' doorstep one weekend when my sister and I were in town.  At first, my mom and dad agreed to put food out for her; then, they agreed to allow her to sleep in the basement; in a matter of about 3 days, this sweet creature was sleeping in the bed with them and pretty much running the house...and all of our lives!  =)  She is smart, sweet, funny, and just all around FABULOUS!  I love her like my own dog, and quite frankly, actually want a dog of my own just like her.  She's been kind of under the weather this week with some allergy issues, so I thought it was only fitting to tell the blog world how thankful I am for her and how I can't wait to spend some QT with her this weekend!

Well, I'm off to Knoxville for the weekend friends!  I'll try to do an update upon my return.  Have a great weekend!

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