Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

Top 2 Characters You Would Want to Play on a TV Show or Movie

1.  Carrie from Sex and the City
I realize I'm definitely not the only person in the world who would love to be Carrie, because let's face it...she's FABULOUS!!!!!  She has a wonderful job, a wonderful apartment, an amazing wardrobe, fabulous shoes, and even more fabulous friends.  She's the rock that holds her group of girls together and the one they all turn to in their time of need.  Also, even when she makes her friends mad, they still rely on her, and she always has the answers.  Yes, if I had to choose anyone in that group to be, it would definitely be Carrie!

2.  Velma Kelly in Chicago
Most of you probably know that Velma Kelly was a murderess in the movie Chicago; however, this obviously has NOTHING to do with why I would want to play her part in a movie.  The reason I would want to play that part is because Catherine Zeta-Jones danced her face off in that movie!  I'm pretty sure that the first time I watched it my jaw dropped...it was amazing!  What a fantastic movie!

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