Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!  Thank goodness it's hump day!  I really, really have decided I don't like this day very much...the stress of the work week is in full force and the weekend seems sooooo far!  However, in an effort to make the best of it, here is what I'm loving today:

1.  That I only have 6 more work days left before I change my name!  Yippee!  I can't wait for a week off's been too long!
2.  That today was the day that Anna Catherine, Kathleen, and I booked our first Girls' Trip in SIX years!!!!!  Yes, that's right, 6 years!  We are heading down to St. Pete in November to run in the Lady's Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon!  I've always wanted to run that half when it comes to Nashville, but September is just TOO hot to run my opinion, anyway...I can't wait to get some fabulous sun and run a great race in just a few short months!
3.  That 3 weeks from tomorrow, my beau and I will be leaving on our HONEYMOON!!!!!  It will be wonderful to spend 11 lovely days touring all over Europe with my favorite person!  What a great way to begin our married life!
4.  Wednesday's off work!  Like I said above, I'm REALLY not a fan of Wednesdays...however, next week, it's like we get to skip Wednesday all together and instead get a mini-weekend right in the middle of the week!  Thank goodness for 4th of July!
5.  And always, I'm loving these 2 creatures:

What are you loving today?  Head over to Jamie's blog and share!

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Courtney said...

I am SO jealous you get to go to Europe for your honeymoon! You are going to have the best time and make some wonderful memories