Monday, July 2, 2012

A "No Picture" Weekend Update!

Alas, I left the camera at home this weekend...maybe it was too hot to even think of snapping any sweaty pics or maybe it's just one of the few weekends this summer that I don't feel it necessary to get a snap shot of every fun moment...either way, I still always regret it after the fact.  Anywho, here's what happened in my world this weekend:

Friday night was my last haircut and color before the big day and man was it nice to be pampered for a couple of hours.  Julie, my hair girl (who is wonderful, BTW), spent an extra long amount of time making sure my color and cut was JUST right!  After that, I headed home, spent a little bit of QT with my beau and my Zo, and called it an early night.

Saturday morning, Zoey and I slept in and relaxed, and then I headed over to lay by the pool with Kathleen and her sister, Emily.  It was scorchingly hot outside, but that still didn't stop us from getting 5 hours of color to our skin.  That evening, I headed to my last Nashville Junior Chamber event as a Board Member...our annual Gala was that evening at The Standard.  It was a fun night, despite the fact that I went Stag since my beau was celebrating Round 2 of his Bachelor Party.

Sunday morning was another day of sleeping in for Sweet Zoey and me.  Then I went to lunch with Patrick, Mickey, and my brother (who had come into town for the big Bachelor celebration the night before).  I tried to head back to the pool after that, but realized without the distractions of having 2 girls to talk to the entire time that I just couldn't handle the heat and headed back inside after just an hour.  The rest of the evening was spent with wedding chores, household chores, relaxing with Patrick and Zoey, and watching the Olympic Trials.

All-in-all, a nice relaxing weekend!  Can't believe I'll be Mrs. Sun in less than 2 short weeks!  Woohoo!

How was your weekend?

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