Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Updates

Well, hello blogworld!  Long time, no see.  I think it's pretty safe to say that the stress of wedding planning is kicking my butt!  HOWEVER, it's also safe to say that it's worth it and in the end, I'll be married!  So, what else could I hope for.  I'm saving this past weekend update for later in the week, since it was my big Bachelorette Party Weekend and deserves its own post.  However, let me catch you up on what's been going on the last 2 weekends.

Three weekends ago, was a big weekend for me...Friday night, my mom was in town and she and I had dinner with Alysia and her mom (Mrs. Jones).  It was so great for the 4 of us to spend time together!  We had a great time and a yummy dinner at Chuy's!

Saturday morning was time for me first dress fitting, then it was time for my Nashville shower (blog post coming soon), then that evening, Patrick and I attended our friends' Anna Lea and Wes' wedding.  The bride looked beautiful and the reception was a blast...which makes for a very successful evening if you asked me...a little later in the evening, Patrick and I decided to pull out the camera!
Me with my beau...
Junior Chamber Friends!

Patrick and me with Chase
Patrick having fun with the tamborine!

Patrick and I with the bride and groom!
On Sunday, Patrick and I played kickball in our last regular season game of the season and then we all headed back to my house to relax by the pool.

The following weekend started with a relaxing Friday evening at home, then I was up bright and early to head down to Bell Buckle for the Moon Pie 10 Miler.  I was originally supposed to run this race, but since I haven't been training appropriately, I instead just ran the first 3 miles with my friend, Anna Catherine, and turned around and walked back to the finish line to meet up with Mickey and Kathleen.  It was AC's first race ever (other than a 5K), and Mickey and Kathleen had a great time!  AND, I was able to get 6 miles worth of exercise!  Seems like a productive morning to me!

That afternoon, we headed out to Gooch Beach for Mickey's parent's annual pool party.  It was super fun, and I just love all of them!

Sunday was spent relaxing and then playing our last kickball game of the season...since Patrick and I were in the mood to do something fun...and not just spend the evening catching up on life, we decided to grab a yummy meal at The Other Place (a local neighborhood bar and burger joint) and then we decided to head to Grassy Knoll Movie Nights to watch The Sandlot.  It was the perfect end to a lovely weekend.

What have you been up to?

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AMW said...

Great pics! I'm stealing that group picture. :)

So fun seeing you guys at the wedding... can't wait for yours!!