Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Best Friend Day!

So...according to Carolina Charm's blog, today is Best Friend Day!  Oh, what a wonderful day to celebrate!  I am sometimes amazed at how fortunate I am to call soooooo many people my best friends.  Here is the list of all the special ladies (and gentleman) that I would like to celebrate today!  Love all you peeps so very much!
Laura, my sister and MOH
Alysia, my twin and good friend!
Anna Catherine, the one who made sure I got through grad school!
Kathleen, the one who made sure I survived moving to Nashville!
Andi, the one who made sure I survived my first job!
My Mama, the one who makes sure I survive those day-to-day stresses!
And finally, Patrick, the one who makes my life so much fun all the time!

1 comment:

Alysia said...

Tear drop!!! I'm so excited that I made the list and I'm so grateful to have a friend. Such a blessing that God placed you in my life :)