Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today celebrates the day that all men refer to as the holiday after Mother's Day.  Ha!  No, it's's really do get the shaft!  Everyone drops everything on the day that celebrates Mom's, but Father's Day tends to be overlooked.  Well, here is my tribute to my Daddy!  And also the top 10 reasons I love him...
10.  Because he always fixes things when he comes to my house!

9.  Because he planted the most beautiful day lillies last fall that I am really enjoying this summer!
8.  Because he still opens the door for my mother after 38 years of marriage!

7.  Because he would do anything for his children (even his canine child)!

6.  Because he has welcomed Patrick into our family with open arms!

5.  Because he calls all the time to check on Zoey!

4.  Because he has worked hard all of his life to make sure that his wife and kids had everything they need!

3.  Because he has pushed me harder than anyone I know, but is always proud of me when I succeed!

2.  Because when I passed the CPA exam he called everyone he knew and told them.  I was extremely embarrassed about this at the time, but think it's pretty neat looking back.

And the #1 reason I love my Daddy:

1.  Because he made me drive the worst car EVER when I was 16!  It was terrible at the time, but looking back I see that this instilled a strong work ethic and the realization that it doesn't matter what other people think.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!  I love you!!!!!

Finally, I also want to say Happy Father's Day to my beau...the best Puppy Daddy a girl could ask for!
Patrick opening the card that Zoey bought him!

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Alysia said... made me tear up reading your top 10 list. So sweet.