Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Update!

This was a weekend that I just didn't want to end.  It was such a fun time and we got to spend lots of QT with our newest addition.  Friday night, Zoey had her first play date when Kathleen brought her dog, Lyla over.  I don't think either of them were too sure of the other, but it was fun, none-the-less, and I'm sure there will be many more play dates to come.  After that, Patrick and I headed to Zanies Comedy Club, where we indulged in lots of laughs and fun! 

Saturday afternoon was spent doing chores and laying by the pool.  Then, Saturday night, it was time to head to my friend, Stacy's Bachelorette Party.  It was so much fun complete with dinner, drinks, lingerie, and a party bus!

Several of the girls at dinner at Cabana!

Stacy, on the Party Bus, ready to REALLY get the party started!

Yes, this may have been a bar that they are dancing on.  =)

About to take a Bachelorette Shot!

Me, with the Bride-to-Be!

The group as we are leaving Coyote Ugly!

And just because I couldn't let this pole go to waste.  =)
It was a super fun night, but man was I tired!  Thank goodness my beau drove downtown and picked me up!  And also thank goodness that he let me sleep in this morning and he got up to let Zoey out (I'm usually on morning duty, so I was MUCH appreciative)!

After relaxing for awhile this morning, it was time to give Zoey her first bath.  She handled it okay, and she smells like a new dog now!
There's nothing cuter than that drowned rat look!

Being such a good girl as we dry her off!
Early this afternoon, it was time to play kickball!  I am happy to report that we are STILL undefeated!  This game was an especially exciting victory BECAUSE we won the game in overtime!  It was so much fun!  Especially, since the other team was really ugly and kinda sore losers! 

After an afternoon trip to the pool, Patrick and I headed to dinner at our favorite Chinese Buffet.  A perfect end to a really nice weekend!

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