Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Update!

This weekend was one of a lot of excitement!  On Friday night, we kicked the weekend off with a girls' night hosted by Kathleen.  Alysia and I got to indulge in some good cookin' and of course, lots of girly gossip!

Most of Saturday was spent laying by the pool (which is officially my idea of the perfect summer day), and that night I was in charge of date night.  Since I recently bought a Groupon for Bombasha (a new Brazilian Steakhouse in Nashville) I decided to take my beau there for a nice meal.  It was really yummy and their specialty drink (also called Bombasha) was AH-MAZING!  It was sooooo yummy that it made me wish I wasn't the DD so I could have 2! 

After that we headed to see Bridesmaids!  If you haven't seen that movie, you must go immediately!  I loved it and thought it was the perfect date night movie (something for the girls/something for the guys).

On Sunday, I went to the First Annual Nashville Kids Triathalon.  My friend Sandy's kids were participating and since they cheered me on at the half marathon, I decided to head down to Centennial Park and cheer them on.  Here are a few pics of the day:
Ainsley and Me

Me with Libby just before she headed to the start line!

Ainsley during the bike portion!

Libby about to drop off her bike!
After the triathalon, Patrick and I attempted to head to the pool...however, the storms that came through kinda ruined that.  SOOOO, we then decided to head to the Humane Society to just "look" at dogs.  Well, "looking" turned into finding the perfect dog and that lead to us putting this little guy on hold:

No, we weren't exactly LOOKING for a dog, and we also weren't prepared to take this little guy home...in fact, as you can see, we are both wearing our Kickball uniforms because we were headed straight to a game.  However, how could we resist that face?

The weekend was finished off with a kickball win (the other team forfeited, but a win's a win, right?) and then a yummy Mexican dinner with Patrick, Kathleen, and Mickey!

Needless to say...this weekend was a little more eventful than anticipated...it's all so exciting though, that it makes it all worth it!  Can't wait until next weekend begins!!!!!


Morgan said...

aawww! What a cutie dog!

Caroline said...

What a cutie! Ok, how does a kids triathlon work? I might could do that one. Ha!

Alysia said...

I'm with Caroline. How do I sign up for the kids triathlon?? LOL. I can't wait to meet the newest memeber of the family.