Saturday, March 5, 2011

ABC's and a Little About Me!

Hi, my name is Melissa and I have a blog...a blog that I have really neglected lately...I know that everyone is going to stop reading my blog if all I talk about is how much I have been working, but let's face it...this blog is about my life, and my life is mainly about work right now.  =( 

Anywho, I saw on Jamie's blog a post called the ABC's of Me, and decided, what better way to make up for the fact that I have hardly blogged at all lately...Thanks Jamie, for giving me something to blog about (other than the 65 hours I have worked in the last 6 days)!

A-Age:  30 (for 3 more months anyway)

B-Bed Size:  King, and I love it!  I can't believe how different it is from a Queen.

C-Chore You Hate:  Where do I begin...I hate cleaning bathrooms, making the bed, sweeping, and doing laundry...I could go on, but I'll stop there.  =)

D-Dogs:  Well, I don't have a dog, but when I really want my dog fix I just love on this special girl:

E-Essential Start to Your Day:  COFFEE!!!!!  I drink a cup of coffee every morning!  It's a necessity!

F-Favorite Color:  Black!  I's kinda boring, but let's face looks good on EVERYONE!

G-Gold or Silver:  Well, since I sold all of my gold a few weeks ago at the Gold Party, looks like my favorite is definitely Silver!

H-Height:  5' 7.25" -- Weird fun fact about me...I was 5'6.5" until I was 24...then all of a sudden, I grew .75"...weird, huh?

I-Instruments You Play:  I always wanted to play the piano, but sadly, I have absolutely no musical talent!
J-Job Title:  Certified Public Accountant
K-Kids:  None, day though...  =)

L-Live:  In Nashville, TN!  The home of country music, the Tennessee Titans, the Grand Ole Opry, and Nashville's Melrose

M-My Mom's Name:  Beverly Ann

N-Nickname:  Okay, so I'll be honest here...I ALWAYS wanted a nickname, but apparently, most people don't think I'm a nickname kinda girl...UNTIL my beau and our good friend, Chase gave me the nickname Melrose (hence, the name of my blog).  I couldn't be happier to be "Melrose."  =)

O-Overnight Hospital Stays:  Not since I was sick as a 9 month old...

P-Pet Peeve:  Pretentious People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q-Quote From a Movie:  Oh, that's an easy one..."Nobody puts Baby in a corner."  I don't think a single girl didn't dream of Patrick Swayze defending their honor.  =)

R-Righty/Lefty:  Righty!

S-Siblings:  An older brother and a younger sister!
T-Time You Wake Up:  In a perfect world, a realistic world, 7:00!

U-Underwear:  That is for me to know and you to never find out.  =)

V-Veggies You Dislike:  Not many...other than collard greens and cauliflower.

W-What Makes You Run Late:  Sleeping in, of course!  Please see letter "T."

X-Xrays You've Had:  Just once on my ankles, when I sprained both of them at the same time...

Y-Yummy Food You Make:  I make a mean red velvet cake...if I do say so myself.

I really wish mine looked as good as this one!
Z-Zoo Animal:  Giraffe!

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