Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Update and a Birthday Celebration!

Okay, I give up!  I have been trying not to blog about the hours I am working, but quite frankly, it's so ridiculous, that I just have to share.  As of Saturday, I will have worked 27 days in a row!  And that's assuming that I don't have to work this Sunday.  Let me just tell you...if I have to work this Sunday, NO ONE will want to be around me!!!!!  Yes, I am exhausted; yes, I am stressed; yes, this weekend I was ready to take some time for me and just have fun!  Well, the good news is that I got to do just that on Saturday night!

As I mentioned last week, my beau had a special Birthday this weekend...he turned 35 years old (He doesn't look a day over 28, does he?)!  Every year, he and his friend, Matt throw a huge party to celebrate the day they were born, and even though I have always wanted to throw him a party, I never seem to be able to because of the timing...WELL, this year I decided to make an exception!  No matter what happened, I was throwing Patrick a birthday party!  I knew pretty quickly that I wouldn't be able to do it at my house...no time to clean.  After asking a few friends for some suggestions, my friend Anna Catherine came up with the best idea!  She suggested that I throw him a Progressive Dinner or as I like to call it, a Food Crawl!  I got on it and contacted Erin (Matt's wife) to help me give these guys a night of fun!

First stop of the night: Allium for appetizers...I've mentioned this place before, and I just love it!  It's in a great location, and they gave us the entire bar area Saturday night!  Here are a few pics from one of mine and Patrick's favorite places:
Me with the Birthday Boy!
Patrick with Adam, Alacia, and Hannah!
Matt, the OTHER Birthday Boy and his wife, Erin
Next, it was time to head to dinner.  For that course, we headed to Battered 'n Fried.  This place is not what it sounds!  Sure, it has great fried food, but they also serve excellent sushi.  Here is a pic of the sushi dish that my beau and I shared:
Doesn't this look ah-mazing?????
Patrick definitely enjoyed himself at dinner...and with 3 tables full of people, he definitely did more than just eat.  He took a few shots...
They are totally taking an Oyster Shot -- No clue what that means, but if it tasted half as bad as it smelled, I'm sure it wasn't pleasant!
These 2 guys sure do look mischievious!  =)
...and he also got to catch up with so many wonderful friends:
After dinner, the party went from a "Food Crawl" to a "Pub Crawl" when we went to a new East Nashville bar called No. 308.  I don't usually like to throw out negative reviews, but I'll just go ahead and say it...I was NOT impressed!  The bartenders were all very pretentious and honestly, downright rude!  My drink was okay, but extremely expensive.  I can get an expensive drink at lots of places in Nashville...I think I'll stink to the places that at least have a friendly staff!

Anyway, back to the fun...our next bar stop was Cooper's on Porter.  This is another new bar in East Nashville, and was much more my speed.  However, things were winding down there for the night, so we finally decided to end the night at our ole stand-by:  Beyond the Edge

All-in-all, it was a great night, and such a fun way to end an otherwise stressful week!  I hope Patrick enjoyed his birthday as much as I did!

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