Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update!

This is how I feel on every single Friday:
Then, as I'm typing my Weekend Update every Sunday, I feel like this:
However, this week is an extra special week because SOMEONE (you'll find out who later in the week) has a birthday, and I LOVE celebrating birthdays!  Therefore, I'm determined to make it a good week! 

Anyway, time for a weekend recap.  Since my beau has been living it up at Mardi Gras for the last few days, this weekend was about all things girly!  Friday night, I had dinner with Alysia, Kat, and Kevana at Tavern (a new restaurant in Mid-Town), and then I rushed home to spend some time with my mama and our family friend, Nikki, who were in town for a work function on Saturday morning. 

On Saturday, Elizabeth (one of our fabulous interns) and I decided it was time to get our first pedicures of the season!  While we were at the nail salon we decided to go ahead and treat ourselves to both a manicure AND a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage.  I have never seen the massages offered at nail salons before, but I thought it was amazing!  I will definitely be doing that add-on again in the future.  We wrapped up the evening at a little Chinese joint right next door, and it was really yummy!  Elizabeth also told me she was going to teach me how to knit, and I am really pumped about that!

Sunday was spent in the usual way, running, doing chores, and sleeping in.  I did miss the usual time I spend with my beau on Sundays glad he's heading back to Nash-Vegas tomorrow!

Well, that's all for me!  I hope you all have wonderful evenings!

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