Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Update!

Here it is again...Sunday how I always dread this least I've had a nice, relaxing weekend!

Friday night was supposed to be a laundry/relax at home kinda evening while Patrick headed out with the guys...well, much to my surprise, he called me around 5:00 and said that the guys had decided to invite the ladies to dinner with them, and would I like to meet them at the local pizzeria -- Pie in the Sky!  Since I hadn't seen my beau in a few days (darn tax season), and because, quite frankly, I was in the mood for some friend time, I decided to head straight there after work!  It was so fun catching up with everyone. 

On Saturday, the rainy, cold weather kept us from heading to the drive-in, so after working for most of the day, Patrick and I headed to dinner that night.  We were trying to go to Bonefish, but since the wait was over an hour, and I was starving, we settled for Jefferson's, a local bar and grille.  Despite the fact that it felt like a cold winter night and not a nice March evening, we decided it was essential to head to Sweet Cece's for some frozen yogurt after dinner.  YUMMY!

Sunday was pretty low-key as well.  I made breakfast, finished laundry from earlier in the week, ran 7 miles, went to the grocery store, and made tons of food for lunch and dinner this week.  I'm a little concerned about my knees have really been hurting, and I was hoping the new shoes would solve the such luck.  After talking to several runners, I'm fairly convinced it's my IT band...and according to Mickey, they make a knee brace for this problem...I'll definitely be looking into that this week before my 8 mile run next Sunday!

One final anyone besides me watching the Celebrity Apprentice?  I think it's really neat that 'Lil John's charity is the United Methodist Home for Children.  Having been raised a United Methodist, I will always have a special place in my heart for any charity affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  I sometimes feel like the Methodist church is struggling and my hope is that 'Lil John can bring a lot of positive attention to this organization!

Well, that's all from me...hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Morgan said...

I loooove Sweet CeCe's!