Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi Ladies!  I hope your week is going splendidly!  Here is what I'm loving on this beautiful day:

1. All the Birthday love I received yesterday!  I swear...all you people out there make getting older not so bad...Everyone from my hubby who took me to dinner, to my co-workers who went to lunch, to all of my family and friends who called, texted, or Facebook commented...all of you are wonderful!
2.  That the Birthday celebrations didn't end last night...this weekend, a group of my friends and I are heading out to The Local Taco to eat some Mexican grub and drink some margaritas!  So fun!

3.  That other than my fun Birthday dinner this Saturday, our weekend is pretty much wide open!  That should be nice since I have a long list of house chores I'm hoping to knock out!
4.  That one of the "chores" I want to accomplish this weekend is to secure and officially start planning our summer vacation!  Not going to disclose the location just yet...I want to make sure it's 100% before I get my hopes officially up, but it should be tons of fun!
5.  And as always, last but not least, I'm loving my beau and my Zo:
That's it for me...what are you loving today?


Caroline said...

Any idea where you're going on your summer vacation?

Meghan said...

Ahh! Happy Belated Birthday! I will also be turning 33 in a few weeks! :) And do tell about your summer vacay!