Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

I don’t know about you all, but after reading all the sweet Facebook updates today from all the people wishing their mom a Happy Mother’s Day, I am a blubbering mess!  No clue why this Mother’s Day is making me so emotional…maybe it’s because I am seeing more and more friends have babies and see just how big of a responsibility being a mom can be…maybe it’s because the older I get the closer I become to my mom…maybe it’s because I am not in Knoxville with my mom today and am not able to celebrate with her in person…and maybe it’s because I hope to have a child feel the same way about me one day.

No matter the reason, I realize today that I am a very lucky woman!  I have a mom who is so much more than a mother to me!  I have a mom who I talk to every single day, who I share things with and laugh with and complain with.  I have a mom who will go shopping with me, or help me with any task or undertaking I request.  I have a mom who now treats my husband (and my doggy) like one of her own.  I have a mom who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt puts my siblings and me second only to God.  I have a mom who is my best friend! 

Now for a few pics of my mama and me.  This is my favorite picture of us…it is on my 6th  birthday and my mom is about 8 months pregnant with my sister.  I think she looks so pretty in this picture…she looks exactly like what a mom should…and P.S. I hope I look that good at 8 months preggo one day!

21This is my siblings and me with my mom and grandmother.  My grandmother was the other “mom” in my life and one of the reasons my mom is so fabulous!38This is Senior Night in high school.  I think my mom and I look so much alike in this picture:45As you can see, there is a big gap between high school and all of the following pictures, which obviously happen to be wedding related.  My mom HATES to have her picture made, so this is the best I could do, Ha!

And, before I go, I want to take a minute to wish every mom a Happy Mother’s Day! There isn’t anything easy about being a mom; however, so many of you do it so gracefully, and make it look so easy!  I hope that one day I can be half as poised and confident when being a mom is one of my job titles!

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