Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Thirty-three years old.  I’m not sure how that happened.  I swear it was just yesterday that I was 26, settling into my new life in Nashville, running around with Kathleen, hitting up every happy hour I could find.  =)  Since then, many things have changed.  I passed the CPA exam, bought a condo, got a doggy, became a wife, and traveled to many different places.  Hard to believe how different my life is from that naïve girl from back in 2006.

I’ll keep it short today…lots of cake to eat!  However, just know that I am very thankful for every blessing in my life.  Cheers!  Here’s to 33 more years of fabulous!



Justin and Marcie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday! You certainly do not "look" 33! I swear I thought you were in your 20's.