Thursday, May 30, 2013

After Pics

As you may remember, despite the fact that there was a huge drought and it was record high temps for about 3 weeks leading up to our wedding, the week before our wedding AND our wedding day was both fairly mild AND really rainy.  However, after the wedding and all of the family photos, somehow, the rain stopped for about 15 minutes and Patrick and I headed outside with our photographers to try to get at least a FEW decent pictures outdoors together. 

These pictures are some of my most favorite Patrick and I have ever made together.  Something about those moments really helped finally calm my nerves from the stresses of the entire day and really allowed me to relax and enjoy being Mrs. Sun.  Take a look for yourself.

This last pic was taken at Rocketown inside the skate park that inhabits the other side of the building!  The guys in there were so fun!  They loved skating for the sake of being on camera!

Stay tuned for all the reception fun one day next week!


Mrs. S said...

These are gorgeous, friend! I wish we would have done this!!

Jordon said...

These are soo sweet! I love your dress!