Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend Update!

Another weekend has come and gone...why must they all go by so fast?  At least that means I'm having fun, right?

Friday night, was a night of relaxation and chores around the house.  Then Saturday morning, I was up pretty early to do more of the same.  Saturday afternoon, I headed to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to volunteer with the Nashville Junior Chamber!  We were assigned to the cooler to sort food that was donated from various grocery stores around town.  It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly the cold didn't bother me too badly...It was actually one of the best volunteer experiences I have ever had, and I REALLY want to do it again!  Here are a few pics that Laura, the NJC's resident photographer, took at the event:
Sorting fruit and looking for any that need to be tossed!

Taking a break with the girls!

Look, I found a Barbie Princess Cake!
After rushing home and getting ready, I headed to my beau's house to help him set up for the get together he was having that night.  When Patrick and I first started dating, he had parties all the time!  His parties are always tons of fun, and the food is always delicious.  Over time, things got busy and we realized a few weeks ago, that there hasn't been a party at the Sizzle Shack in quite some time.  So glad he decided to put this little shindig together.  It was great hanging out with all our friends.  I think Zoey enjoyed the festivities, too...she was sooooooo tired at the end of the party though...it was pretty pitiful.  Again, here are a few pics of the night:
So glad Kristen came...I haven't hung out with her in forever!

So glad Alysia is feeling better and was able to come!

Another pic of the gang!

Timmy LOVED holding Zoey...I think he thought she was a cat.  =)

Me and Lindy!

Me and Missy!
Sunday was a pretty low maintenance kinda day...I slept in, hung out with Patrick and Zoey, ate the breakfast that my beau fixed me, ran a couple errands (that included a much needed pedicure), and playing kickball (yeah, we lost...bummer)!  It was a fun day and a great way to end the weekend.

One thing I did accomplish this weekend was recording Sweet Zoey doing her new trick...take a look:

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