Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Update!

So, once again, I've been a terrible blogger this week.  I am so amazed by how overwhelming my life can be sometimes.  I love staying busy but at the same time, I wish I could have a little time to just breathe.  For some reason I am constantly tired these days and never seem to be able to catch up on my rest.  Anywho, despite being busy, busy, busy, I was actually able to get some rest last weekend...

Friday night, I just hung out with Ms. Zoey.  Saturday morning, I was up bright and early to run in the Tomato 5K in East Nashville.  I have never ran in this race, but have heard only great things about it!  Therefore, Alacia and I decided to give it a shot:
It was a really fun race, but man was it hilly!  I didn't think the hills would ever end!  My time wasn't the greatest at 38:49, but I haven't really been training like I should, so I didn't beat myself up about it too much!

After taking quick showers and relaxing for a few minutes, Alacia and I headed back down to East Nashville with the boys and Hannah for the Tomato Arts Festival.  This event is always so much fun, and dog friendly, too.  Zoey was pretty happy to be spending the day with her mom and dad...despite the fact that she got kinda car sick on the way there...  =(  Poor girl...I don't think she'll ever get used to riding in the car.  Here are a few pics from the day:
Hannah was quite the Rock Star in her sunglasses and tutu!

We had to get a picture with the dog!

This is typical attire at Tomato Fest.  =)

Me and Sweet Zoey!

Patrick made me take a pic with this sign because of my obsession with ketchup!

Me and my beau!
Since all of us were completely exhausted, we headed home and took a nap in the early afternoon.  Then Patrick and I decided to head to a new sushi restaurant near my house for dinner and to watch the first Titans game.  The sushi was delicious and the game was also good with the Titans pulling out a victory!

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day with a lot of laying around and a little bit of pool time...oh, and we won 2 kickball big deal.

I promise not to wait another week before posting THIS weekend's update.  Hope you all have a great week!

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