Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Summer I went to Europe - Day 5

Our day at sea...what a relaxing day...I honestly had no idea how exhausted I would be on this trip!  Maybe it was the jet lag, maybe it was the fact that I was kinda sick for the first 2-3 days, or maybe it was the fact that we didn't stop from the minute we got on the ship until our day at sea, but I was one tired chica by Day 5!  Therefore, we were pretty much worthless on this day.  It was pretty amazing though!

We slept in until around 11:00, when we finally pulled ourselves out of the room to go grab lunch.  I had read that there was a Dodgeball tournament up on the "Lido" deck (haha), so we headed up there to check it out.  Let me also state that Patrick is a serious fan of Dodgeball...once he found out he could compete, he pretty much dominated!

There was another family on the ship that we also seemed to be on every excursion with.  They were the nicest family and the son reminded me so much of what I imagine Patrick was like at 19!
Here they are with they're medals! 
With our friends from New York!
After that, we headed to the pool to work on our tans, but the wind was so high, we had to settle for a little relaxation in the hot tub.  It was really nice to just do nothing for the day!

After we had our picture made with Kung Fu Panda, we were off to our final dinner with our tablemates.  They were all a really nice group of people, and we had several nice chats during the week.

It was a wonderful cruise and we had such a great time!  I was sooooo glad that our vacation wasn't over, yet, and that we still had 2 more days of fun in Barcelona!  Stay tuned for more fun times in Europe!

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Justin and Marcie said...

This makes me want to go on a cruise again...I LOVE LOVE LOVE cruises!!! Except for the weight gain that usually comes with them because of the nonstop free food...