Friday, July 8, 2011

Writers Block

So, I had grandeous ideas about actually doing a blog post every weekday this small problem...WRITER'S BLOCK!  I couldn't think of a single topic to discuss today, so I decided to just throw out some good ole fashioned randomness. 

1.  Last night, Zoey stayed at Patrick's all night becuase my mom and I were busy getting ready for Kat's Bridesmaids' Luncheon this evening.  I never thought I'd say this about a dog, but I missed her like crazy!  I kept thinking, "well, I better take Zoey out" or "where's Zoey?  I want her to come lay with me." 

2.  Is anyone else loving Big Brother as much as I am?  I freakin' love that show!  Jordan and Jeff rock my world, and I can't stand Brendan and Rachel or Evel Dick...I kinda like Danielle.  Can't wait to see how the show plays out this summer.
3.  I love having my mom in town!  She has been cleaning, and cooking, and taking me out to eat...some say I'm a little spoiled...I'm just enjoying it becuase I know that one day she will have grandkids, and all this spoiling of the children will stop!

4.  I'm officially the slowest reader in the history of the universe!  I am reading the new book by The Pioneer Woman and as much as I like it, it's taking me FOREVER!  My goal is to have it done by the time I go back to work on Tuesday!  Hopefully, I can have a full report by then!

5. Which brings me to my last excited am I to have a 4 day weekend that begins today!?!?!?!  I am so excited about pampering myself, sleeping in, enjoying all the wedding festivities, playing kickball, and laying by the pool!

Well, kids, I'm out for the weekend!  On today's agenda?  Celebrating Kat and Mickey with a Bridesmaids' Luncheon and the Rehearsal Dinner!  Have a great weekend!


Caroline said...

Loving BB!!! :) Have a great weekend!

Alysia said...

YAY to mom because it really does stop when they have grandkids.......perfect example....JAYLa.

And I love your dress in the picture with Zoey....too cute :)