Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Update!

My how I love relaxing weekends...of course, I wouldn't like them EVERY weekend, but once or twice a month is excellent! 

Friday night, I volunteered with the Nashville Junior Chamber to work the Nashville Sounds concession stand.  It was an experience to say the least.  Despite the fact that it was hot, and exhausting, and hard work because (even though I'm a CPA) I am completely incapable of doing simple math in my head, we still had a fun time!  It kinda took me back to my first job...
Me trying to capture the moment (and those terrible visors) with my cell phone camera!
On Saturday morning, I got to sleep in and Patrick made me breakfast.  Then, it was time to get to work.  Because we feel bad about leaving Zoey in her crate all day during work, we decided to try to clean out Patrick's garage so she can stay down there sometimes.  It's so funny how times like this can really make you aware of the differences between 2 people in a relationship.  =)  However, we worked together, and after a few hours (and Patrick sending me to the pool), the garage is completely organized! 

Saturday night, we had another wedding to attend.  This time, it was one of Patrick's co-workers.  It was a beautiful wedding, and the bride and groom seem very happy!
Because I always feel like we should take a picture whenever we get dressed up...
After the wedding, we headed over to Patrick's friend Bill's house to hang out on his AWESOME rooftop patio where we hung out with these 2:
After sleeping in again on Sunday, Patrick and I decided to have a date with Zoey for the day.  Our first stop was to head to Drifter's, a BBQ joint in East Nashville.  Because they have a really cool patio they are super dog friendly.  When the waiter came out to take our drink orders, he even brought something for Zoey to enjoy:

That's right...they brought Zoey her own dog bowl with ice cold water!
We really enjoyed relaxing on the patio and having a nice lunch:
Patrick holding Zoey and enjoying a beer!

Me with my drink of choice...Woodchuck!
After finishing lunch, it was time for Zoey's first trip to the dog park.  It was so much fun!  She was really confused at first and pretty much stayed right with Patrick and me, but then all of a sudden she realized that this was a place where she could run and play and not have to be tied to that darn leash and she really enjoyed it:
She made new friends...

She was in sniffing heaven!

She loved the other dogs chasing her! 

And she also enjoyed chasing them!
By the end of the day, she was one tired puppy!
After running a few errands that afternoon, we finished the weekend playing kickball.  Gotta love relaxing weekends!

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