Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Update!

It was soooooooo hard going back to work today.  Partly because I was so tired from the weekend, but also because I had so much fun for the last 3 days that I just didn't want it to end.

Friday night, I took Zoey on her first run, and she did great...if you count not knocking children over and not jumping on too many random strangers as doing great!  No really...she did really well...she stayed with me for the most part and she didn't even get sick on the car ride over or back!  (For those who don't know, our sweet little doggy has a car sickness problem...one that we are hoping and praying she grows out of!)

On Saturday morning, I was up and at 'em bright and early to get everything ready to head to the lake!  Thanks to Chase, Patrick and I headed out on the lake for a good portion of the day on Saturday.  We had a great time, complete with tubing, relaxing in the water, and soaking up some sunrays.  My sweet beau and I decided to ride on the tube together (BTW, WHAT were we thinking?).  Here are a few pics of mine and Patrick's short tubing trip:

After a busy day at the lake, it was time to head to the U2 concert that night...I'm sure none of you will be surprised to find out that going to U2 was not my idea...I barely knew any of the songs they sang, but we still had a great time!  Andi and Rob were in town from Knoxville, so it was super fun getting to spend time with them both before and after the show, not to mention U2 put on a great performance.

Even though we were up pretty late on Saturday night, we still managed to get up and head to church on Sunday morning.  It was a nice service at the same church my mom and I went to the weekend before.  I really liked it...hopefully, we'll go back!

After church and running a couple of errands, it was time to head to Gooch Beach for their annual 4th of July Pool Party.  This was the one time this weekend that I failed big time in the camera area...we had a lot of fun though, and got to see some cool fireworks at the end of the night.

After getting home, we thought Zoey needed to show off her Patriotic spirit:

I'm not sure what is so funny about dogs being dressed up, but these pictures crack me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  So much fun!

On Monday, me, Kat, Mickey and Kat's sister, Emily all got up bright and early to run in the 4th of July Race downtown.  Kat, Mickey, and Emily all did the 10K, but I decided to just stick to the 5K this time.  I did okay...my time was 37:03, which is my worst 5K time, yet...however, I'm not beating myself up about it too much...I mean, I hadn't trained like I should and it was HOTT!!!!!  The most exciting part of the day though, was my little group's outfits!

Yes, we are definitely wearing red, white, and blue softball socks!  And don't forget our headgear...too funny!
I think it's funny to see after pictures...we were looking TIRED!
 I was also super excited because Patrick and Zoey were there to see me cross the finish line!  Patrick is always super supportive of me and my running and he comes to every race he can to cheer me on.  I had asked if he would bring Zoey and he said he wasn't sure if that was a good idea (see car sickness comment above), but he decided at the last minute to let her come...she had a great time!

After relaxing at the pool most of the afternoon, next on the agenda was my favorite portion of the weekend...for those who live in Nashville, you have probably heard of Love's Circle.  Well, there is a wonderful view of downtown up there and Nashville has one of the top 15 4th of July Fireworks shows in the country.  Therefore, my friends and I decided to head up for the evening, have a picnic, enjoy some cornhole, hang out and watch the fireworks.  When we first arrived, we practically had the whole place to ourselves...however, by 9:30 when the first firework went off, the place was so packed you couldn't move!  Good thing we got there plenty early to claim our real estate.  Here are a few pics of the festivities:
A rare glimpse of Hannah looking at the camera.  =)

She is so much fun now that she's moving around and walking everywhere!

Hannah and Zoey love each other!

Me with Ms. Abby...too freakin' cute!

The boys playing cornhole!

Ms. Lyla posing for a picture!

Tanner hung out in Lindy's lap all night long...so sweet!

Alicia and Chase are ready for the fireworks!

Zoey was settling down for the night!

Abby LOVES to play!  =)

Probably my favorite pic of Patrick and me in a long time!

Definitely my favorite pic of the night!

Nashville skyline at dusk!

How Zoey spent the entire fireworks show!
Well, sorry for the picture overload...I think the camera was out more this weekend than it has been in months!  LOVE it!

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