Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update!

What a busy, busy wedding weekend!  Although it was tons of fun and we all had a great time, I am super excited to say that I also took today off to recuperate.  =)  The weekend started off on Thursday evening with my pre-wedding grooming (as I like to call it).  My mom and I went for pedicures, eye brow waxes, spray tans, and, of course, an excellent Mexican dinner.  =)

Friday morning was spent at Kat's Bridesmaids' Luncheon thrown by my mom.  The food was so yummy and we had a great time.  We also got really cool Bridesmaids' gift from Kathleen of monogrammed lunch totes, monogrammed beach towels, and beautiful jewelry to wear in the wedding! 
Aren't our name plates cute?

Kathleen with all of her bridesmaids!

Kat with her mom, Mickey's mom, and Mickey's grandmother

Kat with all the moms (including mine) and Mickey's Grandmother

Kathleen with her maid of honor, her sister!

Bridesmaid's gift!
After the bridesmaids' luncheon, Anna Catherine, Elizabeth, and I went to have manicures as our last prep for the big day.  In the evening, it was time to head to the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner.  Dinner was held at The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown (definitely one of my favorite Italian restaurants)!  The food was delicious and the company was great.  Kat and Mickey had put together a slide show of pics from childhood all the way up to now, and of course, Patrick and I were definitely represented well.  =)  Also, Mickey's mom had asked Patrick to help her and her husband put together another "secret" video for Kathleen and Mickey with small speeches from some of their family and closest friends.  Patrick did a great job and it was a really nice video. 
Lindy and Zach were our tablemates at dinner!

Lindy was a reader in Kat's wedding!  They've been friends since high school!

The soon-to-be Bride and Groom!

Me with a fellow bridesmaid, Anna Catherine!

Me with my special Beau!
After dinner, several of us walked next door to Buffalo Billiards and spent some time taking in some libations and hanging out.  It was fun to be able to relax with everyone before the busy day the next day.

Saturday morning started at Kat's Mom's house where we had our hair and make-up done.  Upon arriving to the church we immediately got started taking pictures.

Beautiful Bride!

Another shot of me with Anna Catherine...I was trying to stick to my promise that I would take lots of pictures of her for her mother!  =)
After waiting all day long, 5:30 came and the moment had arrived.  As all of the bridesmaids were crossing the street, Kat's mom told us that she appreciated so much us being good friends to Kathleen...THAT'S when the tears came!  I managed to pull it together and didn't cry during the ceremony though...probably because of nerves more than anything else.  The wedding was beautiful and the church was gorgeous!  I'm sure that both of their families are very proud of them!  =)

After a few more pics after the ceremony, it was time to make our way across town to the reception at Houston Station.  The reception was a blast!  The food was delicious!  The cake was amazing (Kat, if you're reading this and there are leftovers, I think we should have a cake eating party when you get back from HI)!  The DJ was really good!  And the dancing was the best part.  And, yes...I don't think I've danced so much in 2-3 years.  I danced ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  It was a blast!  Warning:  You are about to experience picture overload!!!!!
Patrick and me before the reception!

My mom with Patrick and me!

Alysia and me showing off our pockets!

Definitely wanted a pic with Kevana!

So excited about our grad school reunion!  Can't believe Ryan made it into town for the wedding!

Alysia and Ed are so cute!

Chase and Patrick

Patrick changed into his comfy red, white, and blue shoes!

Chase with his sweet date, Emma!

Patrick with the cutest ring bearer ever!

Me with Anne...the new Titans cheerleader! 

Kat and I are doing our best rendition of Beat It!

Patrick and I danced...

...and danced...

...and danced...

...and danced!

A headshot of me and Anna Catherine!

Jordan is getting down!

Patrick and me with Nicole!

Uh, oh...does Chase have his tie tied around his head?  =)

It looks like Adam is being serenaded.  =)

Lindy, don't kill me for this...TOO CUTE!

I love it when candid shots work out this well!  =)

Patrick with the best man and Jeffers!

Group Shot!  Yes, those are dollar bills in our dresses...thanks Ed!

Another group shot of the dollar bills!

Kat and Mickey are leaving the reception!

Have a good night!
After the reception, a few of us headed to The Flying Saucer for a few late night drinks.  By the end of the night, I was so tired that I couldn't hold my eyes open.  It was so much fun, and I was pooped!

Sunday morning was a definite sleep in day!  Then we headed to our HOT, HOT kickball tournament.  It was a difficult 2 games, and as much as we would have liked to play in the championship, it was probably a blessing in disguise that we didn't get to.  We were all so hot and dehydrated that it just would have been bad.  To cool off after the game, Patrick and me, along with Alysia and Ed headed out to the pool for a few hours.  This proved to be the perfect relaxing end to a wonderful wedding weekend!

Hope you all had great weekends!

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