Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

Hello everyone!  I hope you all have had wonderful Wednesdays!  I know that I feel much better knowing that over half the work week is finally over!  This Wednesday, I am loving:

1.  That this weekend is Mother's Day and I get to celebrate with the BEST MOM EVER!  Yes, I know...we all think we have the best mom we should!  I do have a pretty fabulous mom though, and this weekend, we get to shop together, lay by the pool together, gossip together, and just generally have a fun girly time!  Can't wait!

2.  That Patrick and I have finally finalized all of the details of our trip across the Big Pond!  Our flight is scheduled, our cruise is paid for, and as of today, our hotel is booked and our ride to the ship is finalized!  Now all I need is to pack my bags and head to Europe with my favorite travel partner! 

3.  That I get to have dinner with Andi this weekend!  She and I haven't hung out in forever and this weekend (since our beaus are both out of town) we get to have dinner at our favorite restaurant and hang out, and I can't wait!
4.  This guy:

He was so sweet this weekend during the half marathon.  Not only was he the perfect photographer, but he also made sure everyone stayed organized, and he cheered me on at every stop.  Not to mention, he does a GREAT Hulk Hogan impression!  =)

Head on over to Jamie's blog and tell us what you're loving while there's still time on this lovely Wednesday!

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