Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Update!

Only one word describes this weekend -- FAMILY!  Friday night was spent driving to Strawberry Plains (a 3 hour drive from Nashville).  By the time I got through Nashville rush-hour traffic and made it home, there wasn't much time for anything else.

After sleeping in on Saturday morning, my mom and I headed out to do what we do best -- SHOP!  We headed to one of my Knoxville favorites - Sally's Alley.  For those of you who haven't checked this place out, you should definitely head there ASAP!  It's similar to a typical boutique, but without boutique prices!  I was able to rack up on some really good stuff.  Our next stop was the infamous West Town Mall.  Finally, we ended the trip at Old Navy.  After all this shopping and running around, I think I am finally fully stocked on everything I need for the cruise!

Saturday night, I met up with Andi at our favorite cuisine -- Japanese Food!  She and I love it and any time we get together, this is what we always eat!  It was so great being able to catch up with her and chat all evening!  I really wish we had more time to hang out, but I really enjoy the time we do have.

Sunday, was a day full of church and hanging out with the fam!  We ate BBQ for lunch and then laid by the pool to work on our tans!  Finally, it was time to head back to Nashville and get ready for the work week to begin.  It was a great weekend filled with family time, some early birthday celebrations for me, and lots of shopping!  What more can you ask for?

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