Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update!

I know it sounds crazy to say that I love weekends this time of year, but I really, really do!  Maybe it’s because I have very limited free time, so I really enjoy the time I do have…who knows, but for whatever reason, this weekend was great!

It started Friday night when we had an “Intern Night Out” for the new kids that just started at Kraft.  We headed over to Dave and Buster’s and enjoyed some good food and good company!  It seems as though I am getting too old to “hang” like I used to, so I headed home pretty early, but we still had a great time!

On Saturday, we woke up to snow on the ground, and Patrick decided to drive me into the office.  It was a very scary drive indeed, which really didn’t make this girl happy!  I was absolutely amazed at how unprepared the city of Nashville was for this very quick, but very dangerous storm.  I made it to work, and Patrick headed back home…unfortunately, it took him 2 hours to get home…ON A SATURDAY!  Crazy, I tell ya!

That evening, we headed to the bowling alley where we met up with Laura, her new man, Clay, and several others.  After 2 games of bowling, we headed to eat Vietnamese Pho, then we made a quick trip to the grocery store before calling it a night!

Yesterday morning, we slept in and then spent much of the morning cooking and prepping meals for the week.  It makes me feel so good to have that done…now I can rest assured that we have healthy, yummy meals to eat all week!  Sunday night was spent at Chase’s watching the Super Bowl.  We had a great time, and just like always, I love the Super Bowl!

See?  I told you it was a great weekend!  What were you up to?

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