Friday, February 1, 2013

Happiness Project–Health

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For February, I decided to focus on my health for my happiness project.  I had stated last month in this post that the main focus of my Happiness Project throughout the year was to decrease my guilt.  THIS is one area that the guilt aspect really hits me hard.  I have a tendency to constantly do what feels good NOW…not what will feel good over the long term.  If I am craving unhealthy food, I eat it; if I am enjoying a book or a movie or a TV show, I stay up way too late; if I am enjoying spending time with Patrick and Zoey, I decide to forgo my workout.  However, if I could just train myself to delay my happiness at times, I honestly believe I would feel so much better in the long run!  SO, with that being said, here is my list of “resolutions” for this month:

1.  Stick to the Weight Watchers program every day.  I’ll just be honest…I gained some weight after the wedding…I gained A LOT of weight after the wedding…I don’t want to weigh more than I weighed when I got married; quite frankly, I want to have enough respect for my relationship with my husband that I take better care of myself than that.  SO, I am officially back on Weight Watchers…again!  However, I honestly believe that this is the best way to lose weight in a healthy way that I can stick to, and every day this month, I want to stick to eating only my daily points, weekly points, and activity points. 

2.  Exercise 3 times per week.  After I ran the half marathon in November, I was burnt out!  I have never LOVED running for exercise, just running in races…so, I have decided to take a break from running.  However, that officially turned into not doing anything!  So, I’m determined to get back into exercise of some point.  I know I really need to exercise more than 3 times per week, but I feel this is a great place to start, especially since my work schedule is going to be so hectic.  Patrick and I have been planning to join the YMCA, so hopefully, I can check out exercise classes, ride my new bike I got for Christmas, or go to the Zumba classes that are being held at the office!  I WILL exercise more this month!

3.  Drink 8 glasses of water every day!  I love diet sodas!  I also love caffeine.  I do not enjoy water.  However, not only is it a great tool to help in losing weight, it’s also a great way to be healthy.

4.  Create a Meal Plan every week. I’ve found that sometimes when eating healthy, I get bored with food.  I get so tired of eating turkey sandwiches, grilled chicken with broccoli, and salad.  However, I’ve found that if I spend some time making a plan for the week, I can find some great recipes that are really tasty and not so boring.

5.  Go to bed by 11:00 every week night.  With the long hours I am about to begin working, this will become really difficult.  However, it will be more necessary than ever on my health and stress level to get a good night’s sleep.

6.  Get a spray tan 2 times per week.  Okay, I know this is very shallow of me, but I just feel better, if I feel like I have some color to my skin.  I know it’s fake, but somehow it tricks my brain into thinking it’s not so dark and dreary outside.

Well, stay tuned.  I’ll be back at the end of the month to tell you how I did this month!

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Anna Catherine said...

We have the same Happiness Project theme for February. I think we should start the water accountability project again :-)