Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Busy/Not-So-Busy Weekend!

I told Patrick earlier today, that I have no idea how a weekend can seem both busy and relaxing at the same time, but that's exactly the way this one went.  It started when I left work early on Friday for a MUCH needed haircut!  Wow, does it feel better to finally have a fresh do!  After that, I met up with Patrick and some of his co-workers to watch my Vols beat up on NCSU!  It was a great game and I was very proud of how my alum mater played!

Saturday morning, we decided to head out for a yummy breakfast!
I love Fido!
After that, it was time to relax at home for the REST of the night!  It was wonderful!  I got so much done, too!  I made a recipe binder (blog post to come) and I also made a yummy dessert of Toll House Pie (again, blog post to come).

Sunday was much like the day before, except we got a ton of stuff done!  We finished organizing our kitchen, I also organized our remaining wedding gifts, and we also took a marathon trip to the grocery store. Sure, a little on the dull side, but it was wonderful, and exactly what I needed.

Monday, I was up early to run in the Franklin Classic 5K and then I spent the afternoon running errands...including a trip to Target with Patrick to spend more of our wedding gifts cards!  Woohoo for free stuff!

Again, it may not seem like the most exciting of weekends, but to me, it was heavenly..I knocked a ton of stuff off my to do list and I also got to spend some time with my favorite guy!

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend?

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