Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nashville Shower

On Saturday, June 9, my Middle Tennessee BFFs threw me the nicest shower.  Alysia, Anna Catherine, and Kathleen all came together and hosted a great event.  There was really yummy food, delicious cupcakes, a recipe book that was assembled with favorite recipes of all the guests, and some really fun games.

Some of the games were "Who Knows the Bride Best" and a celebrity couple matching game.  However, my favorite was when Alysia asked me questions about Patrick and then to find out the answers we all watched a video she had recorded of Patrick answering the same questions.  It was really funny...especially since I didn't answer MOST of the questions correctly!  Apparently, when THAT happens, I had to chew a piece of double bubble...needless to say, I could have blown a serious bubble with all the bubble gum I had in my mouth!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful party!

A Banner That Read "Best Wishes Melissa"

The Delicious Food

The Cupcake Collection - My Fav!

Me With the Lovely Hostesses!

Me With My Mama!

A Few of the guests!

More Guests Playing a Game!

Clearly I'm Pretty Excited About Opening Gifts!

And the Excitement Continues!

Miss Abby Got to Help, Too!

Me Opening the Painting that Kat, AC, and I did together back in the spring.  I was the only one who thought the pic wasn't terrible, so I a "surprise..."  I get a set of three of them!  Oh, joy!  Won't Patrick love having these hanging in our dining room!  =)

At the end of the shower, my beau stopped by to help carry home the gifts!
It was a great shower, and I had a wonderful time!  These girls are all 3 very special to me, and I couldn't have been happier with the way everything turned out!


Justin and Marcie said...

How fun!!! WE did the same type of game at my bachelorette party, but instead of double bubble (which is the nastiest gum EVER by the way) it was marshmellows. Justin purposely answered the questions with wacky answers I would have never guessed. Boys. You look SUPER cute by the way!!

Anna Catherine said...

Yay!! Fun day it was. Love getting to think about it and smile about it again!

Alysia said...

I second that Anna Catherine. It was such a fun bonding time. Can you do it over again Melissa?? LOL