Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Updates!

Well, it's been awhile since I graced the ole blog with my presence, but it's been busy around the Sun Household.  

Three weekends ago, we celebrated Stacy and Chris' wedding!  It was a beautiful evening at the Noah Liff Opera Center, and we had an excellent time!  Too good of a time, seeing as how I spent most of the day on Sunday recovering!  Since my pics are stuck on my phone (apparently, I have misplaced my power cord in the combining of households), here is a pic I stole off Mickey's Facebook page:
Alysia, Kat, and me with the beautiful bride!
Two weekends ago, we attended a fundraising event for my friend Laura's 30 Under 30 campaign.  It was a super fun date auction, and Patrick and I even scored a date night of bowling in the silent auction!  

On Saturday, we had a few people over to cheer on the Vols to victory against the Gators...apparently, our cheers weren't loud enough because they came up short...however, Sweet Zoey was doing her part:

On Sunday night of last weekend, Alysia's mom made us the best home cooked dinner I've had in quite some time!  It was so yummy, I took a picture of it!  Thanks Mrs. Jones!

This past weekend was pretty girls focused.  Friday night was Laura's big 30 Under 30 Finale and she invited several girls out to enjoy the festivities.  It was a super fun event...and of course, my pics are stuck on my camera!  Sorry Laura!  I'll get you pictures as soon as possible.

On Saturday morning, my beau and I took Zoey to the Dog Day Festival at Centennial Park.  It was super fun and she had a great time.  Here are a few pics of the day:

She was dying for some treats...clearly!

It was hilarious how scared she was of this "dog!"

Look at this Mastiff!  The owner said he weighs over 175 lbs!
The rest of the day included a mani/pedi, some time hanging out at Chase's, and a bachelorette party for Katie.  

Sunday, we went to the most exciting Titans game ever and had a great time!  

Patrick and I finished the weekend off with a dinner date night.  The perfect end to an excellent weekend!

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Justin and Marcie said...

I wish I had gone to a Titans game when I lived in Nashville. On an up side...I'm coming there this weekend. Going to a bachelorette party. Pretty sure we'll be hitting up the honky tonk bars!! Also, your dog is ADORABLE...even in that awful orange ;)