Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Update!

Welcome to the first official weekend of fall...well, maybe not official, but it might as well be since Labor Day Weekend has come and gone.  This weekend was full of fun and relaxation, as well as a little bit of football.  =)
  • Since I had to work late on Friday night (well, I had to work until 6:30...pretty late for the end of the week though), I decided to treat myself to my favorite take-out hibachi grill.  After I picked up my grub, I headed home to eat, then I proceeded to sit on the couch for the rest of the night relaxing and catching up on all of my TV was a nice night full of lots of "Melissa time" as I like to call it.  =)
  • On Saturday afternoon, Patrick and I decided to head to Ultimate Tailgate; this is a fundraising event held by the Nashville Junior Chamber before the Vandy/LSU game.  Even though we didn't have tickets to the game, we definitely wanted to take advantage of the all-you-can-eat BBQ and the all-you-can-drink beer.  Heck, because I cheer for Vandy when they aren't playing UT (and also because I pull for ANY team that plays LSU), I even got all dressed up in black and gold!

Me hanging out with Stacy, Jen, and Lindsey (girls from the Junior Chamber)!
  • Since the UT/Oregon game was being televised, and since the weather was a little ugly outside, we decided to forego the fairly cheap tickets that were offered to us for the Vandy game.  Instead we thought it sounded very nice and relaxing to head over to Lindy and Zach's to watch the UT game.  During the first half, we all thought it was going to be a great night...HOWEVER, the second half proved was a sad, sad day for my Tennessee Volunteers, but at least we had a great evening spending time with friends...Thanks Lindy and Zach for having us over!
  • Sunday...this was the day I had been looking forward to ALL was the first day in a long time that I had no plans, it was the start of the NFL football season, it was the season opener for the Tennessee Titans, AND all of this also meant the start of fantasy football.  However, before I could enjoy any of this, I first had to do my long walk for the week (well, I say "long" walk; it really was only 2 miles this week...but next week it's 5 miles, so I think I'll take the 2 miles and be thankful).  After that, I headed over to Patrick's where he made a delicious breakfast of steak quesadillas.  DELICIOUS!  I also decided it was the perfect day to make my favorite fall recipe -- Taco Soup (recipe in the next post)!  Needless to say...we were both STUFFED!
All-in-all, it was a wonderful weekend!  Always sad to see them end, but in 2 weekends we will be hanging out in Las Vegas, so if I can just get through the next 2 work weeks, I'll be good to go!  What did you all do this weekend?  Anything fun?

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