Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

This Thursday I am thankful for...

MY JOB!!!!!
Okay, so I know that there is absolutely NOTHING glamorous about being a CPA.  I also know that most people find this profession dull and boring.  However, for me it's just always been something that clicked and made sense.  Also, in this economy, I know how grateful I am to have the job that I do.  The company that I work for (which shall remain nameless in the blog world...I'm sure my bosses wouldn't appreciate being brought into this little blog of mine), is really good to its employees.  They offer lots of perks like tickets to Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans games, dinners and breakfasts during tax season, an awesome after busy season party, and the occasional Jeans Friday.  =)  All-in-all, I think I have it pretty good!  I have to remember this when I get close to the one I have next week.  Although I'm not working TONS of overtime right now, work has still been kinda stressful during the day.  Oh, well, it will all be over next Wednesday!

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