Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

Top 2 favorite things about fall

1.  Driving to East Tennessee -- For those that don't know, Nashville is in the center of the state of Tennessee, but Knoxville (where I'm originally from) is in East Tennessee (where the Smoky Mountains are).  Let me just say that the 3 hour drive from Nashville to Knoxville is BEAUTIFUL in the fall!!!!!  The leaves are all changing and the trees are about 15 different shades of red, orange, and yellow.  It really is the prettiest thing ever!  Here are a couple of pictures of the Smoky Mountains just to give you glimpse:

2.  Going Camping -- Okay, so I've only been camping 2 times, but 1 of those times was in the fall and it was AWESOME!  We had a campfire that kept us just warm enough, and the weather was fantastic...despite the fact that we MAY have almost gotten kicked out of the campground for being too loud...OOPS!  It seems that every year about this time that my group of friends starts talking about taking another camping trip, but I guess we all just get so busy that it never seems to work out...here's to keeping my fingers crossed that we actually get something planned this year!

Me with a camping flashlight from my first camping trip...don't I look like a pro?  Ha!

Enjoying nature and the fall weather!
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Kerbi said...

Love your picks and that flashlight!

Stephanie said...

Great picks! Love the pictures.