Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

Top 2 Favorite Songs

1.  Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
Anyone who has met me in person can totally understand why this is one of my favorite songs.  My eyes are REALLY brown...well, they used to be REALLY brown, but now as I am getting older, they are just normal brown.  Anyway, when I was a baby I got really sick and had to spend a few days in the hospital, and my mom said I had lost so much weight and was so weak from being sick that when you looked at me that all you saw was my huge brown eyes.  Ever since the first time I heard this song, it's always been my theme song of sorts!

2.  When You Say Nothing at All by Alison Krauss

Okay, unless you are a SUPER unromantic dude or you just haven't heard this song, there is absolutely NO WAY you can possibly NOT like it.  I loved it when I heard Keith Whitley sing it, but then Alison Krauss made it a whole new level of good for me.  This song makes me feel great every time I hear it and her voice is absolutely beautiful!

If you'd like to participate in The Undomestic Momma's Top Two Tuesday, head on over here and tell us your 2 favorite songs!

P.S.  Sorry for being MIA these last few days...I have been out of town for business...however, I have really missed blogging and my blog friends.  Therefore, I have made a goal to blog more often...soooooo, if you have any suggestions for future blog topics, definitely send them my way...I sometimes feel at a loss for stuff to talk about...I know, me at a loss for words...SHOCKING!!!!!  =)


Brianna! said...

LOVE brown Eyed girl:)

Hanna said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

Amber said...

I always get jealous when Brown Eyed Girl comes on because I have blue eyes. There isn't an awesome song about girls with blue eyes! Not fair! :)