Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Survived!

I’m back ladies!  And man does it feel good to actually be able to do the things that normal people do…like chores and errands and spending time with friends and family.  I know I complain about my work hours a lot on this blog, but this year was especially terrible!  I worked 80 hours each of the last 2 weeks and the only reason I didn’t hit the 80 hour mark the week before that is because I just didn’t go into the office on Easter!  Oh, well, I survived and I’m ready to get back to normal life!

I wish I had tons to tell you about that has been going on with me for the last few weeks, but I really didn’t do very much.  I did however…

Go to the airport to welcome home a sweet co-worker and her baby that she and her husband adopted from China!  Here I am with the precious little girl and some co-workers. 


I also enjoyed an Easter cookie made by my friend, Sandy’s mom!


I took a few “out-fit of the day” pics…I’m growing to really love these…I really need to find a better place to take these pics…apparently, both of my full length mirrors are in bad lighting…


Photo1 (14)

I celebrated Easter (my favorite holiday) with my beau and Alysia and her family.  Love all these people!


I also enjoyed endless dinners with co-workers sitting around the conference room table, went to a sweet friend’s baby shower, and enjoyed dinner with Patrick and my mother-in-law when she came to visit, but I don’t have pictures of these things.

I guess tax season wasn’t so bad when I look at all of this…I will say though, I’m so glad I don’t have to try it again for 9 whole months!  I’ll be back tomorrow for a Happiness Project update!  Stay tuned, ladies!

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Meghan said...

Welcome back to reality! You're an accountant, right? My friend is going through the same thing - well she's celebrating right now. I hope you get to do the same!

I love your outfits, btw!