Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Updates!

As you can probably tell, by my lack of blogging, things have been pretty busy around the Sun household!  My beau had minor knee surgery a few weeks ago, work has been crazy busy with the October 15 deadline, and the fall is always a busy time of year. 

Three weekends ago, we were supposed to go camping with the Chapman’s.  However, because Patrick was still recovering from his surgery, we decided it would probably be best to stay in Nashville and recuperate.  Instead, I worked a lot, we both relaxed a lot, and I drank my first Fall Woodchuck of the 2012 season…

Photo1 (10)

Two weekends ago, I expected to be a weekend full of work, work, work.  However, thank goodness things got wrapped up late on Friday night…SO, that meant 2 days off of work (for the most part).  Instead of working, I decided to go on a mini-shopping spree and to head to the Vandy/Florida game.  Here are a couple of pics I took while at the game (yes, I am trying way too hard at making these cool, instagram-like pics)


Photo1 (1)

After the game, we headed to a local bar, Neighbor’s to watch the TN/Mississippi State game…let me just say that it wasn’t a good week for football in the state of Tennessee.  =(

After the last few weeks of way too much work and not nearly enough fun, this past weekend was indeed a great one!  Friday night we headed to see Sleeping Beauty at TPAC because our sweet little flower girl, Adriana, was making her ballet debut!  She was absolutely adorable and we were so glad to be there to see her!  Here is a pic of the us with the little ballerina after she had changed clothes and come out to watch the remainder of the ballet with the rest of us!

Photo1 (2)

On Saturday, I ran 7 miles, then worked in my condo all afternoon.  That evening we headed to Chris and Katie’s beautiful wedding!  It was on the lake at sunset and was absolutely beautiful!  On Sunday, we relaxed all day and then headed out to Chuy’s for a yummy end-of-the-weekend dinner! 

However, my weekend didn’t end last night!  I am taking some much needed vacation days today and tomorrow to get several things marked off my to do list!  Sooo excited!  Have a great week everyone!

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Alysia said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging...YAY!!!!!