Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bachelorette Party

A few weekends before the wedding my sister (and also maid of honor) threw me the most fabulous Bachelorette Party ever!  I wanted the ultimate girly weekend; full of all of my favorite Nashville outings, and NOT quite so focused on the "going out" side of things.  I LOVE those types of bachelorette parties...don't get me wrong..however, I really wanted to just have a relaxing weekend with the girls.  Warning:  PICTURE OVERLOAD!

The weekend got started with happy hour/dinner at Zumi Sushi, which happens to be one of my favorite sushi restaurants in town.  Next up, we headed to Cabana, one of my favorite drink locations.  I have to admit, I MAY have drank a little more than I should that night and it MAY have hindered my drinking for the remainder of the weekend!  Still had a great time though!
All the ladies at dinner!

Laura and Andi enjoying the evening!

So glad Andi could make it into town in time to see me tipsy!  =)

Me posing with Kathleen!

This may have been the drink that started it all!

Or maybe it was this one...Alysia?  Do you remember?

Me with the next one to get married...the now Mrs. Ray!
After getting a much needed good night's sleep, Saturday started early with a mani/pedi at The Nail Bar.  It was so fun to relax with the ladies and have some pamper time!
Love the way this place is decorated!

Katie and I enjoying our pedicures!

I have claws!  Getting my shellac taken off!

Now on to the manicures!

Once again, the whole gang!
After the spa, it was time to head to the pool!  I can't think of anything better to do on a warm summer Saturday than laying by the pool with some of my favorite ladies!

Next up was time for the lingerie shower!  I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this part, but it was so much fun!  And I got some AMAZING stuff!  I think I got something to wear every single night of the honeymoon!
Pretty nighty! 
I love the black with the white lace!

My sister said she couldn't get me anything sexy, so instead she got me Hello Kitty PJ pants!  How comfy and cute!

My mom (who didn't attend the Bachelorette Party but sent a gift with my sister) thought it would be hilarious to give me a nightgown that had been given to her before her wedding! 

So funny!  I'm sure Patrick would have LOVED it!
After the shower, we loaded up the cars and headed down south to Arrington Vineyards for a night of drinking wine, relaxing, eating and enjoying each other's company.
The cake Laura made -- It was PINK velvet!

Me with the greatest Bachelorette Party Planner EVER!

Enjoying the beautiful sunset!

Some of the ladies hanging out!

One last group shot of the weekend!

Such a lovely place!
On Sunday morning, the weekend was wrapped up with brunch at MadDonna's!  I got the Captain Crunch French Toast and it was amazing!

Such a fun weekend and I couldn't ask for a better group of girlfriends!
On a totally unrelated note, if everyone would do me a really quick favor and say a little prayer for my beau!  He is having arthroscopic knee surgery this morning and while it's very minor surgery, I'm sure he's not going to enjoy taking it easy for the next few days (he doesn't do that very well).  =)  Also, I could probably use a prayer or 2 also, since he's already started referring to me a Nurse Melrose.  =)

Thanks everyone!

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emily said...

Wow....what an awesome bachelorette weekend!!

and you're totally supposed to have one too many drinks at your bach party! :)