Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update!

Oh, what a weekend!  Monday, why do you have to come so quickly?  At least you tell your friends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to have fun while they are here.

Friday night, I headed down south to Cool Springs after work to meet up with my beau and his co-workers for their End of Month Party at Dan McGuinness!  It's always so fun to spend time with everyone enjoying the end of both the month and the work week!

Saturday morning, I was up EARLY to run 6 wasn't the easiest 6 miles I've ever run, but I finished, and sometimes that's all you be able to cross something else off your "to do list."  Speaking of to do lists...about the time I finished with my long run for the week, my mom arrived to help me with my long list of things that need to be done at my condo!  We pretty much spent most of the day cleaning and packing and organizing and even though we didn't get completely done, we made a big dent in the task and I feel much better about where things stand!

During the middle of the day on Saturday, I took a break from the cleaning and headed over to Chases' house for Zoey's first ever Puppy Shower.  Yes, you read that correctly...Chase just got a new dog and he hosted us all to his house for a Puppy Shower to honor his new pooch!  I couldn't stay the entire time, but I hear that both Korndog (Chases' new doggy), Zoey, and all the other animals had a great time!  Here is a pic of all the dogs!
  After doing a little shopping that evening with my mom, we pretty much passed out early!

Sunday was mainly spent going to church, then lunch with my mom and Patrick, and then relaxing the rest of the day.  Sunday also happened to be mine and Patrick's Engagiversary, and we decided to celebrate by having a nice dinner at Kayne Prime...and oh, man was it delicious!  I think we both agreed it may have been the best meal we've ever had...and definitely worth breaking the diet for one night!

What did you do this weekend?  Hopefully, it was as lovely as mine was!

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