Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

On this so-close-to-Christmas Wednesday, I'm loving:

1.  That Christmas is T-minus 4 days!!!!!  Such a fun, relaxing day to spend with my closest family...and this year my doggy, too!  I'm kinda bummed that my beau won't be with me over the weekend, but because after this Christmas many things are going to change, we decided to take this year to enjoy the family traditions each of us have always had with our respective families.  I will definitely miss him, but we celebrated in our own way last night...which is what brings me to the next thing I'm loving!

2.  Driving around to look at Christmas lights!  Last night, after celebrating Christmas with Zoey and Patrick, we headed out for one of our annual Christmas traditions and set out on a mission to check out all the cool Nashville Christmas lights.  Here are a few picks of some cool ones we saw:

Of course, they all looked way better in person, but this gives you an idea
Here is my all time favorite!  The music was tuned to a radio station, and was synced with the lights.  Please excuse the cars driving by and the conversations going on between Patrick and me:

3.  My new iPad!  Since Patrick and I exchanged gifts before heading home for Christmas, and since Patrick and my parents all went in together on my gift this year, I got to open my iPad last night, and I must say...IT. IS. AWESOME!  I love it and I just started using it!  If anyone has any suggestions for some good apps, please let me know!

4.  That I am driving to East TN a day early this weekend for my mom and I to run some of which is to look for Mother of the Bride dresses for the wedding!  I can't wait to see what my beautiful mother picks out!  I'm sure she will look stunning on my wedding day!  =)

5.  As always, I'm loving these two:

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