Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Oh,'s ONLY Wednesday????  I'm really trying to look on the bright side by saying "Yea!  There's only 2 more work days this week!"  Well, I'm loving a lot of things right now, including:

1.  That our Christmas cards have arrived in most people's mailboxes!  I'm super happy with how they turned out, and hope to do a post about them soon!

2.  That even though I started back up on Weight Watchers again this week, I still went to lunch at Monell's today with my co-workers!  It was YUMMY!
3.  That my beau and I have begun planning our pre-busy season trip...this year we're thinking either Atlanta or Chattanooga!  Which would you choose?

4.  That this is my last 5 day work week for the next 3 weeks!  Bring it on!!!!!

5.  And finally, I love these 2 sooooo much:


Morgan said...

I came across your blog this morning on WILW and wanted to vote on the vacation idea...ATLANTA!! We usually go at least once year because it's a close get-a-way.

I'm excited to follow your journey since I live just up I-65 in KY!!

Alysia said...

You can't go wrong with either one.....Maybe you can do one night in Chatt and then head down to ATL for few days....the best of both worlds.

stacymc88 said...

You know I'm partial to Chattanooga, but we would LOVE to see the soon-to-be Sun's in HOTLANTA! :)